About Us

MathMentor opened its door in Cape Town/Claremont at the beginning of 2012. In this first year only one-on-one lessons were offered. The results were excellent: 90% of the students improved their Maths marks, some dramatically. You are welcome to ask for contact numbers of these students.

MathMentor has its roots in CAST (Creative and Skills Tuition), East London, S.A. CAST was founded in 1988 by Marie du Plessis, a Maths teacher, and Neil, an English teacher, and provided extra classes in Maths, Science and English. Marinda joined the team in 1996 and eventually took over the business when Marie relocated to Rustenburg in 2003. At the end of 2008 Marinda and Lectus, her husband moved to Ullapool, Scotland, where he was a minister in the church of Scotland and she taught at the local high school until December 2011. CAST (East London) is now succesfully run by Raymond Simms. Back in South Africa, Marinda is keen to continue her passion for Maths and learners, and to share the knowledge she gained in the UK.

MathMentor’s vision is to unleash and enhance the potential of each individual learner, to put back the fun and achievement into his or her Maths experience and to include other subjects in this experience.

Our mission is to provide learners with a relaxed and caring environment where they can improve their overall understanding of the building blocks on which Maths is based. We strive to enforce the characteristics which would set the learner free to excel not only in Maths, but in all aspects of life. We also adapt our teaching style to each learner’s unique needs and level. To offer more comprehensive help, MathMentor aims to expand to other subjects, e.g. Science, Accounting and Afrikaans.

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MathMentor has the following objectives:

  • To guide and mentor the learner where he or she has fallen behind, is unable to assimilate at school, has trouble keeping up the workload or desires improvement in marks.
  • To expose the learner to material appropriate to his or her own needs and level on a weekly basis, in order to provide extra practice as well as more challenging exam-type questions to consolidate the work covered at school.
  • To help the learner develop and maintain consistent, healthy study methods throughout the year.
  • To expand and include other subjects, as well as organise fun events in the near future.
  • One-on-one Tutoring

  • Experienced Tutor

  • Proven Results

Contact Details

Marinda Steenkamp (Maths teacher)
E-mail: info@mathmentor.co.za
Mobile: +27 (0) 82 4111 728



11 Chaucer Road, Claremont, 7708,
Cape Town